May 21, 2024


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100 Office Supplies That Probably Will Make You The Talk Of The Water Cooler

Ready to transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and inspiration? Say hello to brighter days with our guide to essential office supplies! From vibrant stationery to innovative gadgets, we’ve curated a selection of essentials guaranteed to inject a dose of joy into your workspace. Get ready to banish dullness and ignite creativity with tools designed to make your workday a breeze. Say goodbye to mundane routines and hello to a workspace that sparks joy and efficiency.

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Review: “I saw these on sale for prime day, and they make me smile. So cute, I love the way the write and the colors are perfect! I have shared some with friends and the love them also! I would buy these again!” – awiggins8 , Nora Nuñez Report

Share icon Brighten Your Monitor With These Frog Figurines - The Perfect Quirky Office Gift!

Review: “I put one of tbe frogs on my work computer and gave one as a gift to one of my employees for her home computer as she collects frogs. They are just too stinkin cute for words. We both love them definitely a great whimsical purchase guarenteed to put a smile in your day.” – Kindle cm Report

Share icon Boost Your Desk With Cool Frog Mini: Adding Fun And Freshness To Your Office

Review: “It is really cute and an adorable addition to your workspace! I was impressed with the fact that every single piece is packed well, and they even put in some glue dots in case you want to fix the figurine.” – Tatyana K. Report

Share icon Infuse Your Workspace With Humor And Creativity Using Mini Cinder Blocks!

Review: “These things are awesome, everyone loves them that sees them. I’m a master Mason by trade and had to have a cube of these on my desk in my office. My grandson loves playing with them when he’s around and building like his pappy!!! Fun for everyone…” – Jason Diehl , Eric Lopez Report

Share icon Bring A Calming Vibe To Your Office Space With The Motion Display Moving Sand Frame

Review: “Beautiful little desk accessory that helps bring a calmness when having a stressful moment! I’ve gotten many compliments. Love that you can adjust how fast or slow the sand moves and it’s easy to change it.” – Katie D. , Katie , Deborah D Report

Share icon Dumpster Deluxe: Desk Dumpster Pencil Holder - Where Organization Meets Flamin' Fun!

Review: “Gave this to my bff/coworker for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. We have already had several great laughs while we ponder the life mistakes we made that led to us working in this absolute dumpster fire of a job. 10/10 highly recommend!” – Jessica , alyssa leon , mgd15 Report

Share icon Pen The Punchline: Hilarious Sarcastic Ballpoint Pens For Some Comic Relief!

Review: “These pens are great !! They make me laugh, are comfortable to hold and write well ! I gave a few of them away as a “thinking of you” gift. They were well received. I enjoy carrying different ones with me depending on my mood :)” – Gabe Vorraro , Shannon Smith Report

Share icon Spice Up Your Workspace With A Funny Mouse Pad: Office Humor Makes Every Click Count

Review: “Ordered this to use at work and every single person who’s seen it has commented on how funny it is. The quality is great, color is bold, and the printed lines/edges are clear (no blurring of the image). It’s slightly larger than a standard mouse pad, which I kind of like. Definitely a great buy and worth the cost.” – K. Kuykendall , lighten_up_already Report

Share icon Maximize Efficiency With The Excel Shortcut Keys Mouse Pad - Your Essential Tool For Spreadsheet Success!

Review: “Bought a few of them when they were on sale. Everyone likes theirs and its pretty well crafted, stays put, and no frays on the edges. Someone who saw it asked where I got it and wanted one. I would definitely recommend this product.” – Disappointed Report

Share icon Level Up Your Security: Advanced Stamp Roller For Identity Theft Prevention!

Review: “This is an awesome product. We have used them for 10 years or more. I keep one close to my table when I am checking my mail and I don’t have to get the shredder. Very fast and totally hides everything..” – Marie , UniqPrity1 , RadMom5 Report

Share icon Enhance Security And Productivity With The Vaydeer Mouse Mover!

Review: “My work computer goes to sleep super quickly and also disconnects from the VPN if no activity. Now I can go to lunch and not worry about having to log back onto the system! Easy to use, works great, I actually didn’t think it was working because it is so smooth and quiet.” – jamiemp76 , Mark Hopkinson , Gene Benikhis Report

Share icon Crystal Clear Communication: Transparent Sticky Notes For Productive Days!

Review: “I LOVE these post it notes. They make note taking and book annotating soooo much easier. I just use a regular Bic pen (one I got for free at my doctor’s office, so the cheap ones) and there isn’t any smearing. Love them, highly recommend.” – MasterPopcorn , Debbie Zee , Allison Report

Share icon  Large Desk Pad: Your Ultimate Office Comfort Companion

Review: “I love this so much it immediately warmed up my cold little cubicle. It’s very soft and thick. The quality is really nice. All in all it’s a great purchase. Much bigger than I expected but it’s honestly a good thing because now I don’t need a mouse pad.” – Myah Paden , Myah Paden Report

Share icon Get Playful With Your Workspace Decor: Clapping Monkey Tape Dispenser!

Review: “Most amazing office tool I’ve ever owned. It never gets old. I actually get excited when I need a piece of tape and the little monkey claps his symbols.” – Rebecca White , mike Report

Share icon Revamp Your Office Desk Setup With Our Chic Desk Organizers

Review: “What do you get when you have a small desk but need something to help you organize your stuff? You get this organizer! Easy to assemble, small footprint on desktop, and space for everything I need: mail, folders, books, pens, clips, etc.” – A Book Diva , Shambriell Hardin Report

Share icon A Touch Of Grim: Revamp Your Workspace With Dead Fred Pencil Holder!

Review: “I got dead Fred because my pen was constantly falling off of my desk and I got tired of having to pick it up. He is the best pen holder ever, plus since he’s dead I don’t feel bad about shoving my pen deep into his heart. My co-workers love him as well and when I make him dance around (pen staying in place) we all have a good laugh.” – Brodie Love , Cliente de Amazon , J. Giles Report

Share icon  The Salaryman Eraser Unleashes Middle-Aged Men's Turmoil In A Playful Desk Decor!

Review: “I actually loved this new-age eraser so much that I got one for my accountant for tax preparations. He loves it as well. His has seen much more work than mine and his is balding. The eraser works well and will definitely be a conversation piece for some time to come!” – raymond s. , J 😀 Report

Share icon Skull-Cessory Alert: Gold Scissors For The Ultimate Office Glam!

Review: “LOVE the details on these SKULL scissors!!! These are great quality and look really cool! The scissors are nice and sharp and I would definitely recommend and will most likely buy a second pair for myself since I gifted these ones to my sister for her birthday.” – Adrienne , Miller Report

Share icon  Bluetooth Computer Keyboard: Your Ideas Shouldn't Be Bound By Wires

Review: “This Bluetooth keyboard is so freaking cute and I love it so far. I wanted a keyboard for my tablet but I also wanted one that was clicky but not too clicky. And this is working great so far. It’s connection to my tablet it perfect and there’s no typing lag that I’ve noticed unlike other Bluetooth keyboards that I’ve had.” – Sora , Arianna Trainor Report

Share icon Stay Organized In Gothic Style With A Black Skull Stationery Holder!

Review: “I bought a black one for my home office and I loved it so much, that I bought another one for my work office. My son liked it as well, so I’ll be buying another very soon. Very happy with the purchase.” – Amazon Customer , Sarah Clarke Report

Share icon  Golf Pen Desktop Game - The Perfect Office Break-Time Distraction!

Review: “This was a stocking stuffer for my husband. I thought it would be entertaining for when he is on those long online meetings or needing a quick break from work. He enjoys it.” – Norma Harper , Hugo E. Report

Share icon  LEGO Succulents: Adding Colorful Charm To Your Office Jungle

Review: “Absolutely love these! I have a love for succulents and wanted to take some to the office but I don’t have a window at work. These bring some color to my office and Love them! I have had many people ask about them and they loved them.” – Ashley , Kiana Report

Share icon  The Office Possum - Bringing Quirkiness And Charm To Your Workspace

Review: “This guy is the best. My wife loves possums and I got him for her work area. She was very pleased. It’s kind of odd to find a place for him unless you have a giant cup or something but other than that he is a hoot!” – Julian Tejedor Report

Share icon Add A Berry Sweet Touch To Your Workspace With The Strawberry-Shaped Wired Mouse

Review: “I recently got my strawberry wired mouse and it’s so fun and cute and I love it a lot! Very easy to use and smooth and the buttons work just fine! It’s a lot of fun doing work now haha.” – Destiny Report

Share icon  Adorable Desk Lamp - Infusing Your Desk With Fun And Functional Flair

Review: “This is a great purchase! This item was actually better quality than I expected it to be. It’s a nice size, bigger than I thought, and well constructed. Perfect subtle statement piece to a room!” – Brian Luke Johnson Report

Share icon  Potato Stress Toy – It's The Perfect Companion For Those Busy Days When You Need A Little Pick-Me-Up

Review: “I bought this as a gag gift for a coworker, it’s been the best purchase ever! It obviously looks like a realistic potato but just lightweight! He tosses it to unsuspected people at work and the reactions are hilarious! Highly recommend!” – Heather , Alexandra Report

Share icon  Bunny Alarm Clock: Because Time Management Can Be Stylish

Review: “Cute little alarm clock with multiple alarm music you can choose from. Alarms are easy to set and has a Monday-Friday or Monday-Sunday option.” – justin , L Report

Share icon Sprinkle Some Fun Into Your Workspace With This Cute Corgi Dog Butt Mouse Pad!

Review: “Bought this as a gift for a corgi loving friend with an office job and she was ecstatic!! Its soft and the corgi butt is nice and puffy (as expected for a corgi butt) lol and fits comfy on your wrist. There is literally no reason to NOT buy this!” – Storm Girl , Tara , PinkSky24 Report

Share icon Conference Call Bingo Mouse Pad – It's The Perfect Way To Add Some Fun To Your Workday While Staying Productive

Review: “The colors are very vibrant and my mouse glides across it with no issues. This is a really cute gift for anyone working from home or regularly conferencing. I highly recommend!!!” – Tiff Z. , Tiff Z. Report

Share icon Office Essentials With A Twist: Assorted Notepads For Workers - Get Stuff Done With A Smile!

Review: “I love these!! I’m in sales and have to leave my cards a lot on desks. I use these to draw attention to my card so they will read the note and then look at the card. Guaranteed to make someone remember you!!’” – Leslie Report

Share icon Cloud-Shaped Mini Utility Knives: Cutting Through Tasks With A Touch Of Playfulness

Review: “Bought these for some silliness at work and home. They are perfect “fun” size. Fit in most pockets very easily. Safety catch to keep the blade open or closed holds up over time. The fun cloud design and colors make for chitchat and a smile when your coworkers are annoying.” – Kay F Report

Share icon Get Creative At Work With The Changeable Letter Board: Because Words Are Your Playground

Review: “I recently moved to a new city and got a job that I was able to decorate my cubicle. I don’t think it would be complete without my Felt Like Sharing piece. Definitely recommend in any color.” – Wyatt Anthony , DT Report

Share icon  Friendly Flower Vase: Every Office Needs A Blooming Buddy

Review: “I bought this product on a whim and love it! It does everything it claims to at a great price. Cool color selection; pretty well-balanced during posing. A fun little knickknacks!!!” – Laurie , Susy Lundy Report

Share icon Stash Your Writing Weapons In Style With The Pencil Bag

Review: “It’s got a great sturdy base so it stands well on its own. I’m a bit of a pen hoarder and it holds all of my favorites. I kinda want another one, lol.” – Punk , Punk Report

Share icon Get The Perfect Ambiance With This Dimmable Small Bird Lamp For Your Desk Or Office!

Review: “This is a nice lantern. I love that it’s rechargeable, instead of using disposable batteries. It uses a USB-C cable to charge. You can choose between 3 light colors and it dims if you hold the power button for awhile. It’s all plastic except the handle that is a vinyl material. It puts off a decent amount of light at full power and I’m very happy with this product.” – The Stig , Foster Mama Report

Share icon Meow-Tstanding - Cute Cat Metal Binder Clips Keep It Together

Review: “You need to have cats in your life! And this is a simple handy and functional way to do so. These clips are strong and always make people smile. I give them to people to brighten up their day. They really work for this task as well as securely holding papers together.” – treë , lezza Report

Share icon Organize Your Work And Home Office In Style With The Bookarc Vertical Stand

Review: “Functionality is on point! It saves a lot of space on my desk. The look matches perfectly with the space gray macbook pro 16″. It’s really sturdy and it’s gonna last a long time. So well made! A+” – A Charles , Snacks89 , David Report

Share icon Elevate Your Desk With The Apple-Shaped Note Dispenser: A Quirky Touch Of Organization And Style

Review: “This my favorite thing on my desk. It is cute, bright colored, and heavy enough to act as a paper weight. But my favorite thing is having pop up post its. Love it!” – Meg S , Jocaste Canuto Report

Share icon Welcome Your Guests In Style With The Knock Knock Guest Book For Your Cubicle!

Review: “This book is a perfect funny desk book! My co-workers love writing funny and silly messages to me when I’m not available! Happy I invested in this Guest book!” – amy kaminski , Etsy Report

Share icon Add A Trunk-Tastic Touch To Your Desk With The Elephant-Shaped Phone And Pen Holder

Review: “Love the pattern. Love how lightweight but sturdy it is. Has a lot of space in the two compartments. Just look at all that I can fit. Also the hooks do hold your phone horizontally but it can be placed in the middle of the hooks and stand vertically.” – Lucero , Lucero Report

Share icon Spruce Up Your Workspace With The Cat Pen Holder – It's The Perfect Blend Of Cute And Functional

Review: “Want a way to make your coworkers smile? Want a way to come to work and not dread it entirely, because cats? This is the way to go. Get these. I don’t care if you didn’t plan on getting them, if you came across this (like I did) allow Amazon to speak for you, and get these. The end.” – Holly Report

Share icon Purr-Fect Desk Companion: Keep Your Notes Handy With This Cute Cat Note Dispenser

Review: “This is so cute! I also like how it sits up at an angle rather than lay flat. Sturdy and adorable.” – K , K Report

Share icon Get Lit With Cactus Shaped Roller Pens: Adding Desert Vibes To Your Desk While Keeping Your Writing Flow Smooth And On Fleek

Review: “I honestly didn’t expect much out of a cactus pen but I was pleasantly surprised. They write so smoothly and I just love the feel of them! Even shared with my coworkers and now they’re obsessed too!” – Alexandria , Luvs to Read , L. N. Report

Share icon Your Desk Buddy: A Standout Pen Holder For Work

Review: “My boss LOVES Hippos and I decided to get this pencil / pen holder as one of her Secret Santa gifts. It arrived very fast and was wrapped in bubble wrap and foam so it would not get damaged during shipping. It looks very cute and it is a good desk size.” – Brandi Lopez , Saylor Yardley Report

Share icon Office Oasis: Green Leaf Grass-Blade Pens For The Nature-Loving

Review: “These are adorable! Nice quality, silicone feel. Not cheap plastic. Fooled many people who thought they were arranged leaves. No, they are pens! I bought them twice, to have a big bouquet. Pens worked great. Smooth.” – A. H. , LM , Jesus Rojas Report

Share icon Laugh Off The Day With The 'Tears Of Students' Tumbler - A Teacher's Delight!

Review: “This was given as a gift to my daughters Teacher. It is very well made, not cheap like so many others. He liked it very much & she said he uses it everyday.” – ck1010 Report

Share icon Start Your Organizational Odyssey With Paper Clips: The Unsung Heroes Of Office Organization

Review: “This is so cute, it does what it needs to the top is magnetic. Holds a fair amount of paper clips. it matches my things on my desk. It’s not big it’s about the size between an apple and a mandarin. I love it” – Jessica Galicia , Jessica Galicia Report

Share icon Stick To Cute With These Handy Notes - Perfect For Any Task

Review: “Bought this as part of an “office” themed birthday gift for a six year old. She loved it and so did her friends.” – HS Report

Share icon Revamp The Space With The Pig Pencil And Eyeglass Holder Stand: Your Ultimate Organizer With A Funky Twist

Review: “It’s cute, sturdy and well made. The person I gave it to loves it. It holds the cellphone, keys, pens and glasses. It came well packaged and quickly. I recommend it.” – JCM Report

Share icon Swing Into Action And With Spiderman Pen Holder: The Perfect Addition To Any Superhero-Themed Workspace

Review: “This little pen/pencil holder is really cute. It holds a lot more than I thought it would. I think it’ll help my keep his desk more organized. It came just as pictured.” – TB , IDJ , TB Report