June 21, 2024


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20 Creative Ways To Promote Financial Services On Social Media

For professionals who offer financial services and products, social media can be a powerful tool to connect with clients and build a professional online presence. However, it can be difficult to find an audience and stand out from the crowd.

Here, 20 members of Forbes Finance Council share their most creative strategies for marketing on social media that helped them attract and retain new clients. With these ideas, financial professionals can leverage social media to strengthen existing client relationships while demonstrating professional expertise to attract new ones.

1. Maintain A Steady Stream Of Content

Create engaging and informative content, and post as often as possible! Your content should provide valuable insights into your industry while showcasing an in-depth understanding of the financial services you provide. Webinars, podcasts and live events have become wonderful tools for providing potential clients with fun, engaging and informative content. – Ryan Showe, Lexington Capital Holdings

2. Highlight Your Existing Customers To Attract New Ones

Share first-person customer experiences. When readers come across your social media, they will feel a deeper connection with other users of the product—and if they see a glowing review, that will help influence them into exploring the product more. – Barry Pennett, Intuit

3. Show Your Authenticity To Keep People Watching

Be you! No one wants to watch boring videos on boring topics. Literally press record and go. That’s when the best content is produced. Post every day multiple times to get your brand and your message out. Social media is the best way to build an audience of potential buyers, hands down. Try it. – Will Murphy, Everlasting Capital

4. Share Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Client or customer testimonials are key in our space. We are changing the direction of someone’s financial picture. Their future should be filled with less stress and it should have them feeling much more educated about their finances going forward. – Bradley W Smith, Rescue One Financial and Simple Path Financial

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5. Showcase Client Success Stories

Highlight your financial services through personal success stories. Share a client’s journey. In my experience, spotlighting a client’s growth with targeted tax strategies and what that was able to do for their business has been instrumental in attracting new potential clients while also encouraging existing ones. The anecdotal approach to marketing authentically fosters a sense of trust. – Julio Gonzalez, Engineered Tax Services Inc.

6. Spotlight Others On Your Page

Highlighting and recognizing others on social media elevates our appeal to new merchants and helps retain existing ones. Implementing and maintaining a segment called “Small Business Spotlights” has encouraged our clients to feel recognized and appreciated. Also, most importantly, they feel we’re fully invested in their success. – Austin Mac Nab, VizyPay

7. Share Relevant Insights To Build Authority

A powerful approach for promoting financial services on social media is to establish yourself by consistently sharing valuable knowledge and industry insights. This presence creates awareness about your expertise and reputation as a knowledgeable authority. This not only attracts new clients seeking expert guidance but also reinforces value to existing clients, keeping them engaged and informed. – Peter Goldstein, Exchange Listing LLC

8. Post Regular Videos To Inform Your Audience

Elevate your social media presence by crafting weekly, authentic two-minute videos filmed on your phone. Our strategy, exemplified in our weekly educational series, builds connections with our client base by transforming financial insights into relatable and engaging tips and stories. Share one topic, one take—personalized content that resonates. – Anthony Williams, Mosaic Financial Associates

9. Use Videos To Point To Your Services

We create short videos discussing the main pain points of our ideal clients. Then, when folks click on those, they are led to slightly longer videos discussing those points further and with some insight into how to avoid them. We then allow prospects to book meetings with us to discuss their specific situation and pain points so that we can solve specifically for their situation. – Aaron Cirksena, MDRN Capital

10. Share Helpful Content To Build Presence

Creating a series of short videos that offer financial tips, budgeting advice or investment insights is a good way to establish thought leadership and to indirectly promote your own financial service or products. You can also leverage storytelling to make the content more relatable. Share success stories of individuals who achieved their financial goals with the help of your services. – Sean Frank, Cloud Equity Group

11. Use Multiple Platforms For The Widest Reach

It’s important to have engaging content that includes topics that are evergreen in addition to timely and relevant topics. You need to know your audience and what they want to read. Also, be aware that most people are using more than one social media outlet, so you should be present on multiple social media outlets. – Ronald Gelok, Ronald Gelok & Associates

12. Plan Content Based On Your Customers’ Needs

Understand your target audience and their needs. At our company, building personas is key to really helping us personify our end customers and, therefore, finding where they are platform-wise, and what they need content-wise. For example, mapping out their day-to-day pain points or brands they’re currently following is a great place to start. – Matt Ong, Ctrl Alt

13. Create Content That Brings Value

In a crowded and seemingly commoditized competitive landscape, seeking to add value is critically important. Sharing thought leadership that is actionable by the reader, even if they do not reach out to you directly, positions your brand as being approachable, expert and client-first. Focus on niche topics and work to create content once and then leverage it in various ways across social media platforms. – Thomas H. Ruggie, ChFC® CFP®, Destiny Family Office

14. Take A Chance With Fun Challenges

Hashtag challenges can be a hit or miss, but the potential rewards of increased brand awareness and customer engagement make them worth the effort. By participating in unique events or activities, brands can create engaging content that resonates with their audience and helps them stand out. Do not be afraid to take risks and try new things—you never know when you might hit a marketing home run! – JD Morris, RHC 21 LLC (a SPE Fund) with family of Special Purpose Entities (SPE or SPV)

15. Connect With Clients On A Personal Level

Get involved in neighborhood groups. Make yourself known to those in your community. Add value with tips and advice without the sales pitch. Also, don’t make your social media all business. Share things about yourself and your family. Your client base should see you as a real person they trust, not a pushy fake salesman. Connect with people on this level and they come to you. – Christina DeSimone Nappi, The DeSimone Agency Inc.

16. Use Quizzes To Increase Engagement

Utilizing interactive content like financial quizzes or polls on social media can be a creative strategy. For instance, I conducted a “Financial Fitness Quiz” on Instagram, engaging users with questions about budgeting, investing and related topics. The quiz also generated discussions about financial goals, showcasing the effectiveness of interactive content in attracting and retaining clients. – Gianluca Sidoti, The Wealth Company International FZCO

17. Identify What Makes You Stand Out

To stand out on social media, precisely identify what sets you apart from competitors, clearly define your target audience and choose words that resonate with them. Authenticity is crucial and table stakes, but standing out in a crowded space is the ultimate deal-breaker. – Parth Kulkarni, Adobe

18. Share Advice That Helps Your Readers

Let people know what you do. Share, share and share! Give out free useful, practical and easily implemented solutions. – Bob Chitrathorn, Wealth Planning By Bob Chitrathorn of Simplified Wealth Management

19. Invite Your Audience To Engage

Some innovative ways to promote financial services on social media while establishing thought leadership are by constantly publishing informative and engaging content, hosting a series of Q&A sessions or webinars featuring industry experts and encouraging followers to submit questions or topics they would like experts to cover. – Tomer Guriel, ezbob Ltd.

20. Focus On Developing Authoritative Content

Lead with value. Financial professionals have a tremendous knowledge base, and when you can convey actionable strategies in a clear, concise way, it may attract prospective clients who want to explore how you could help them individually. Developing blog and webinar content around real-life client scenarios is a great place to start. – Gregory Ostrowski, Scarborough Capital Management