May 24, 2024


Think Differently

Calgary to rethink annexation plan for section of Rocky See County

A program to annex a parcel of land just east of Calgary has now shifted emphasis.

In December 2021, the Town of Calgary was seeking to annex 1,676 hectares of land from Rocky See County, just east of Shepard, to be made use of mostly for industrial applications.

Now, a new strategy to the use of the space is having shape — 1 that could not call for annexation at all. 

On Monday, the city introduced that the Annexation Negotiation Committee for Rocky See County and Calgary satisfied to think about no matter whether a collaborative industrial corridor could finest be formulated, a little something they say could benefit the two city and county. 

The town reported in a launch that the spot is a considerable inland port with a great deal of options to develop production and logistics centres, film manufacturing amenities, and a wide range of other industries.

“Earlier, all we experienced to rely on was geopolitical identity and what belongs wherever,” stated Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek. 

“What we’re intrigued in undertaking now as an alternative is on the lookout at the company option, the financial enhancement option, and, very frankly, how does the servicing model get completed in the finest feasible way for regional interests.”

In September 2021, Rocky Watch County was notified of a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, by the Town of Calgary, to move forward with strategies to begin the annexation course of action for land at this time in just the county.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek mentioned the preceding Calgary council imagined it was important for the metropolis to be in demand of the land, which is yet to be made. (James Younger/CBC)

Gondek mentioned the previous Calgary council considered it was vital for the town to be in charge of the land, which is yet to be formulated. But this council, she claims, feels there is an chance for the two municipalities to do the job jointly.

“The fascination of each events is to make positive that we are knowing our fullest opportunity provided the marketplace self-confidence in Calgary and the region proper now,” said Gondek.

“We know that folks are very bullish on our metropolis. We’ve seen a good deal of people relocate here. We have observed a lot of enterprises come in this article. We want to just take benefit of that.”

A 2021 assertion on Rocky View’s website explained that the county had not identified its place on the urban expansion but meant to interact with Calgary in “superior faith.”

“We were interested in the joint-setting up location simply because we think it will benefit the location as a entire,” Rocky Check out County Mayor Crystal Kissel instructed CBC Information on Monday.

“We consider we can accomplish the exact consequence, in obtaining a perfectly-planned location, if we do it together.”

She added that it is really a new road for Rocky Check out, where the municipality would fundamentally be going into business enterprise with the city and both equally functions would want to concur to agreement conditions.

If that collaborative strategy isn’t going to operate, nevertheless, annexation is not off the table.