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Unlocking insights into marketing and advertising to experienced buyers: A new study synthesis

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Study from Queen Mary College of London educational Dr. Mina Tajvidi, delves into advertising communications specific at mature individuals aged 50 and earlier mentioned, addressing definitional inconsistencies and reviewing study released given that 1972.

In an period marked by the raising significance of an aging inhabitants, comprehending and correctly targeting mature consumers has turn into paramount for marketers around the globe. A exploration paper titled “What we do know and do not know about marketing communications on mature buyers” sheds light-weight on this vital demographic, resolving extensive-standing definitional inconsistencies and supplying a roadmap for upcoming analysis and apply in marketing and advertising communications.

Authored by a workforce of esteemed students, this paper delivers a detailed synthesis of present research on internet marketing to experienced individuals, encompassing individuals aged 50 and higher than. Drawing from a meticulous examination of 106 papers printed in leading promoting journals due to the fact 1972, the research identifies crucial themes and unveils important insights into this demographic.

The results of the paper underscore three primary research themes: the segmentation of experienced customers, their attitudes and behaviors, and efficient internet marketing procedures tailored to this demographic. In addition, the investigate outlines a series of powerful long term research instructions, urging scholars and practitioners to delve deeper into knowledge the complexities of experienced consumer habits and tastes.

1 of the standout contributions of this paper is its proposal for an expanded definition of experienced shoppers, transcending mere chronological age to encompass biological, psychological, and social dimensions, as well as everyday living functions and situations. This holistic technique promises to revolutionize how entrepreneurs conceptualize and engage with this diverse demographic.

From a useful standpoint, the investigation emphasizes the importance of customized advertising ways for mature shoppers, recognizing their unique details processing mechanisms and the varying effects of advertising blend factors on their actions. It advocates for the adoption of alternate methodologies to completely seize the nuances of this current market phase.

Co-author of the paper, Tajvidi, codirector of MSc Marketing system, claimed, “Our research underscores the urgent need for entrepreneurs to move past simplistic age-based mostly stereotypes and embrace a much more nuanced comprehension of experienced customers.

“By doing so, companies can unlock untapped chances and forge deeper connections with this increasingly influential demographic. As organizations navigate the evolving landscape of advertising and marketing communications, this study serves as a beacon, illuminating the route forward toward extra powerful and inclusive approaches for participating experienced people.”

The conclusions are released in the European Journal of Promoting.

Additional data:
Natalia Yannopoulou et al, What we do know and don’t know about advertising communications on experienced individuals, European Journal of Advertising (2023). DOI: 10.1108/EJM-12-2020-0906

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